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This Date in Native History: the Bear River Massacre

By Christina Rose of Indian Country: This Date in Native History: On January 29, 1863, 450 Northwestern Shoshone were killed along the Bear River, near present day Preston, Idaho, in perhaps the largest massacre in United States history. Chief Bear Hunter’s band of Northern Shoshone spent the cold months in Utah Territory where they and other […]

Activist, Lang Student Jerry Koch Released

By Shawn Carrié of the New School Free Press: In the brisk January air, Lang student Gerald “Jerry” Koch ran out into the cold, wearing prison sweats and cotton slippers, to his attorney’s office, just after calling his mother to tell her he was free, according to a post on Facebook by New York Year Zero. After Koch […]

And Journalists Wonder Why Anarchists Don’t Trust Us to Be Fair

By Brendan Kiley of The Stranger: A couple of hours ago, a King County Superior Court judge declined to press charges against a young man named Brendan McCormack who had been accused of vandalizing bank ATMs in the Capitol Hill area late last year. There was not enough evidence, the judge said, to link McCormack […]

Guards May Be Responsible for Half of Prison Sexual Assaults

by Joaquin Sapien of ProPublica: A new Justice Department study shows that allegations of sex abuse in the nation’s prisons and jails are increasing — with correctional officers responsible for half of it  — but prosecution is still extremely rare. The report, released today by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, takes data collected by correctional administrators representing all of […]


An anarchist analysis of surveillance in New Orleans, by Jules Bentley of Antigravity: Several years ago I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon of Mardi Gras on a Bourbon Street balcony. It’s no business of mine how others choose to pass their Mardi Gras, but the crowd below didn’t look happy. They looked frantic and uneasy. […]

On the Anarchist Memes Drama – Or: Why Do Capitalists Want to Be Anarchists?

Recently, following a series of reported and flagged posts, the popular Facebook page Anarchist Memes was unpublished by Facebook (you can visit their new page here). The posts which led to the page’s censorship revolved around feminist, trans, and anti-fascist themes, leading a gaggle of so-called “men’s rights activists” and capitalists to report the page for “sexist” […]

Looking for “Intel” On Occupy Protesters? Bank of America Boasts To the Washington State Patrol It Will Find It First

By ANSEL HERZ of The Stranger: Former Washington State Patrol (WSP) officer Kim Triplett-Kolerich now works for Bank of America as the company’s “West Region” Senior Crime and US Intelligence Analyst. She’s based in downtown Seattle. Here’s what she does with her time, according to an email she wrote to WSP in November, unearthed by public records activist Andrew Hendricks: […]

Rapist on federal payroll as informant

Despite a history of abusing women and violent behavior in prison, Joshua Allan Jackson managed to become a federal informant, trigger a citywide Seattle police alert and hold a 18-year-old woman as his sexual prisoner. By almost anybody’s standards, Joshua Allan Jackson is bad news. A felon with a lengthy history of violence against women, […]

Chemicals Found In Water At Fracking Sites Linked To Infertility, Cancer

BY KILEY KROH of Think Progress: An analysis of water samples from hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking,’ sites found the presence of hormone-disrupting chemicals, according to a new study published Monday in the journal Endocrinology. “With fracking on the rise, populations may face greater health risks from increased endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure,” senior author Susan Nagel told The LA Times. The study tested […]

As oil train burns, 2,300 residents of Casselton, N.D., told to flee

By DAVID SHAFFER of the Star Tribune: Officials on Monday night were calling for the evacuation of the entire town of Casselton, N.D., after a BNSF grain train derailed and crashed into a crude oil train in North Dakota on Monday afternoon, causing tank cars to explode in towering mushroom-cloud flames. No one was injured in the […]