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Posts by floaker

Events from the 29th October onwards

Hi Everybody! We are back after a wee holiday with some amazing events for the coming month. Be sure to email us if you have any events you think fit the bill for the update, and feel free to link … Continue reading

Angry Women Win!

The latest issue of our Resistance free sheet is on the streets! This special issue looks at the struggles of women, both historically and today. Articles include a look at: Abortion struggles in Ireland and Spain Legal battles for women in … Continue reading

A look back at AFem2014

Sunday the 19th of October seen the first International Anarcha-Feminist Conference, aka AFem2014. The seed from which it would eventually grow fell from the tree back in August of 2012. That tree was the St Imier International Congress anarcha-feminist round … Continue reading

Events from the 20th October onwards

Hi all, It is a busy couple of weeks here in anarcho-towers, so apologies if the update comes in a little later than usual; so without further ado… ********** Witchcraft Accusations in Africa – Leo Igwe | Glasgow Skeptics Monday, … Continue reading

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Events from the 9th October onwards

Hi all, Hope you have had a good weekend! This week sees another step towards the formation of a new social centre collective, so if that takes your fancy then take a look at Thursday’s events. Before I get into … Continue reading

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Events from the 28th September onwards

Hi folks, After a rather busy week we have a few more events coming up that may be of interest. Arika will be finishing up their weekend of events with a day of interesting performance and presentation at the Tramway. … Continue reading

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CALL OUT: Show solidarity with Glasgow Palestine Action

MASS CALL OUT: Glasgow Palestine Action has shut down Thales UK who make components for drones. They need us to go down and show solidarity with them and the people of Gaza. The factory is at 1 Linthouse Rd, Govan, … Continue reading

Glasgow Palestine Action Shut Down Drone Manufacturer!

FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE Glasgow Palestine Action Shut Down Drone Manufacturer A group of activists from Glasgow Palestine Action network have today shut down Thales UK, the weapons systems manufacturer, in Govan, Glasgow. The activists climbed onto the factory roof, … Continue reading

Statement on the Morning Star’s suppression of domestic violence allegations

Originally posted on IWW Scotland:
The Clydeside branch of the Industrial Workers of the World fully supports one of its members, Rory MacKinnon, in his dispute with the Morning Star. Fellow worker MacKinnon was disciplined by the Morning Star for…

Events from the 24th September onwards

Hi all, An interesting week in politics. We’ve had a spike in interest in this list over the past week. You can find the details on how to sign up at the bottom of this mail, so if you know … Continue reading

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