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Statement on the Morning Star’s suppression of domestic violence allegations

Originally posted on IWW Scotland:
The Clydeside branch of the Industrial Workers of the World fully supports one of its members, Rory MacKinnon, in his dispute with the Morning Star. Fellow worker MacKinnon was disciplined by the Morning Star for…

Events from the 24th September onwards

Hi all, An interesting week in politics. We’ve had a spike in interest in this list over the past week. You can find the details on how to sign up at the bottom of this mail, so if you know … Continue reading

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Hi everybody, Due to unforeseen circumstances we are having to cancel the prearranged talk “Education as the Practice of Freedom“. In it’s place we hope to put on some films with an anarchist leaning and have an informal discussion/social event … Continue reading

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Events from the 12th September onwards

Hi all, Another week and another set of events. If you pick this up quickly you will notice that there is a fundraiser for the Document Film Festival happening tonight. Over the next week the momentum carries on to form … Continue reading

Events from the 7th September onwards

Hiya folks, Tomorrow sees the closing event of Lavinia Raccanello’s exhibition all about Faslane Peace Camp, having an open discussion about our views on nuclear weapons. Also the Wise Women of Glasgow are planning to have several 10 week courses … Continue reading

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Education as the Practice of Freedom (talk/discussion)

Wednesday 17th September 18:45 – 21:00 Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carrington Street, Glasgow, G4 9AJ. Facebook | Map “There is no such thing as a neutral educational process. Education either functions as an instrument that is used to facilitate the … Continue reading

Events from the 31st August onwards

Hi folks, Another interesting week ahead. My highlights would be the second meeting seeking to form a new social centre collective, and the Faslane double-whammy of a protest against NATO membership and the closing event for Lavinia Raccanello’s work on … Continue reading

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Events from the 26th August onwards

Hi folks, Another week and another update. As well as the events below, I’d like to draw folks attention to the website for United Glasgow FC: United Glasgow is a football team run by ordinary Glasgow people for everyone … Continue reading

Events from the 18th August onwards

Hiya folks, Highlights for me this week include: the meeting on Tuesday evening to see if there are people interested in forming a new social centre here in Glasgow; then on Wednesday the talk/discussion event in the Glasgow AF we … Continue reading

Liberal feminism is also the enemy

The Guardian today published a piece entitled “If we get bogged down in the TERF war we’ll never achieve anything“. This piece of writing is cissexist in its own right, so keep that in mind before clicking through. Also if … Continue reading