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How I got involved in the design posse of Doomtown:Reloaded

I don’t know how many remember from my posting about it in the past, but I’ve been a huge Doomtown fan ever since I first started playing it back in 1998, in episode 5 of the first cycle, using common cards gifted to me from the FLGS clerk and a starter-home (literally. It was a starter box with the home card printed on the back).

My love for Doomtown is in fact what led me to start developing an OCTGN plugin to play it online, which was my first involvement with OCTGN around 3 years ago which eventually led me to develop my most popular creation plugin for it, Android: Netrunner.

Ye Ole Snakebite - Reloaded. This is one of the cards I helped tweak to be more universally useful in the new meta.

Ye ole Snakebite – Reloaded. This is one of the cards I helped tweak to be more universally useful in the new meta.

It was that renewed interest around that time which made me try to get the original Doomtown storyline in order. Because of this effort I was approached by Tim Meyer, and invited to help implement a Doomtown revival project working under the fan label of Harrowed Entertainment Group. We worked together for a while on story and design for that project even even though ultimately that effort didn’t pan out, it was not a bad experience and we worked well together. Tim went on to continue with more Doomtown-related projects while I went to continue coding more AEG, and later on FFG, games for OCTGN.

Then, around 2 years later, at around the summer of 2013 a certain Mark Wootton contacts me out of the blue with an offer I could never refuse:  Becoming part of the rebooting of Doomtown as an ECG!

It seems Mark had heard my name from Tim from our previous work together and told him I would be an asset, so I was asked to come on board voluntarily as one of the “old faithful” players :). I couldn’t believe it! Not only was one of the best card games ever coming back to life in the format everyone had been asking for, for years, but I was being asked to part of that effort. Christmas had come early!

I cannot be sure what exactly Mark saw in me, but after the first tumultuous months of early initial design planning, there was a definite split in the roles each volunteer would take, and myself along with Eric Jome were assigned to the Design team, to work alongside Mark in figuring out which mechanical elements of the original game to keep, which to tweak and which to drop altogether1.

And thus is comes to be that a year after that, not only is Doomtown: Reloaded finally announced like a wish-come-true, but beyond my wildest dreams, I’m sitting in the actual design team of my most favourite of games, actually crafting future cards and having a say in current and new mechanics!

Who woulda thunk it!?

  1. I won’t go into details on those aspects as this is a subject for a completely different post
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Epic Pythonista

A random google search pointed me to this, which is kinda cute :)

Divided by Zer0 is an epic Pythonista (one of the 4% most active Python users) who spends a lot of time commenting on issues between pushes. Divided is a fulltime hacker who works best in the morning (around 11 am).

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For those time where you need some of the achievements made by women throughout history.

Here’s an info-bomb of women’s names and contributions for when that random dude online challenges you to post some names of women scientists, architects, etc that were ripped of my their male colleagues.

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“Capitalist market economies have more or less eradicated poverty”

Bender "Oh Wait, You're Serious"So, someone just said that to me with a straight face after a long and fairly ridiculous argument. The image you see on the side pretty much describes my reaction before I decided there’s definitely no reason to waste any more time on this.

Sometimes I have to wonder in which reality some people are living in…


Wundergeek lays down the smackdown!

Go read case 2241453247 of what happens when a feeeeemale attempts to criticize men objectifying women in geek culture.

Keep on being awesome wundergeek


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The Male Protagonist Bingo

This is brilliant

The Male Protagonist Bingo

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So much misinformation

I’ve been watching situations unfold in Ukraine and Venezuela lately with some interest from an anarchist perspective and I’ve been trying to get an idea of what is truly going on, but I find out that lately it’s been almost impossible to get a perspective of what is going on that is not extremely biased towards US-interests.

As the internet and social media has started significantly eroding established news sources for information dissemination, so has propaganda and misinformation tactics evolved to take better advantage of these new media, and the results are painfully obvious in places like reddit, where popular subreddits like /r/worldnews are dominated by specific perspectives.

Fortunately sources like /r/anarchism or individual blogs I follow are impervious to this blatant manipulation so I am able to discover articles like the following:

Now, I’m not saying that the authors of those pieces might not have their own biases, but it seems to me that they provide a more complete view of the situation rather than simply supporting one specific perspective.

At the moment I believe crowd-sourced information is severely compromised. People who want to get an idea of what is going on are better served following trusted sources explicitly, or using smaller and more focused social media (e.g. /r/anarchism or indymedia) which cannot as easily be dominated by special interests and astroturfers, since the nature of their subscribers defeats positive feedback on misinformation.

The psychological grounding of Direct Action

I just read this article about human psychology and the counter-intuitive way our brain functions in regards to the things we like or hate. The more I read into it, the more it seemed to validate on the most common practice of Anarchism: Direct Action. Or more specifically the core concept of anarchist theory that the only actual systematic change can come from each of us by actively doing things ourselves.

Very often I’ll speak with people of differing ideologies who support this or that political party and during the conversation I often say something like: “This all sounds nice and well in theory, but how do you plan to get your party into power, or otherwise put your theory into practice”? The disappointing answer inevitably is something along the lines of “proper education” or “more convincing others” (from the optimists at least). Subsequent questions on where this education should come from tend to be unsatisfying.

On the other hand, pessimists or people rejecting anarchist theory, tend to say that no signicant change can come because people are too stupid/ignorant/lazy to take care of their societies and as such, not only is Anarchism painted as a utopian ideal, but even their own theories are deemed as impossible to actualize (Or patently ridiculous plans are suggested)

But anarchism, tends to suggest something different; that change can only come by putting practice first. It is by having people actually put the future society we’d like to have, into practice, that we actually demolish the current one. Surprisingly, original Anarchist theorists seemed to have understood exactly how we need to act, given what we’ve recently discovered about human psychology: The way we act forms the person that we are.

This is the reason why anarchists support forms of self-organization such as unions, co-operatives, mutual banks, communes etc. A workplace union is not just a place for syndicalists to join, it’s an actual conversion tool! A worker who joins a union starts getting converted to a mutual aid personality. It does not wholly1 matter if they were lazy or ignorant before, because taking part in such an org will actually change how they act.

Same is true for neighborhood unions or any other form of direct action mutual aid. By actively having people practice mutual aid, you make them the kind of people who want to do so.

This is why always the most important question about a political theory is: “But how are you going to achiveve it?”, because if it’s just based on “convincing people first” it’s just doomed to fail. Nobody will be convinced if what they’re currently doing in their daily lives is the completely opposite of what you’re suggesting, regardless of how good what suggest is in theory.

  1. I suspect there are limits to how much personalities can change given a starting point
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Patronize me

Patreon is a new service that has recently come to my attention. It attempts to implement the concept of crowdfunded patrons for artists, which is how I always thought the content creation in the digital age is meant to evolve. When your audience is not limted by geographical location and you do not need gatekeepers publishers, it makes a great deal of sense to take control into your own hands.It immediately sounded like a great way to gauge how many people are interested in my efforts to provide the best experience on the games I develop on OCTGN, and I know for sure that there’s a lot of people who’ve been meaning to support my work all this time.


So I decided to run a patreon campaign and see how it goes. Unfortunately I’m not a huge video maker and I don’t have any special camera equipment to speak of, so I haven’t made an intro video as requested, but I plan to cook something up as soon as I get some time available. I probably won’t show my ugly face so you’re likely to end up simply listening to my sexy Greek accent while watching some OCTGN footage in the background :)


If all this sound exciting, take a look at my patreon campaign and please make some suggestions for improvement if you have them. Specifically I have no idea what to put in for future goals in a project such as this. I could also use some more potential rewards for my backers, so if you’ve got any ideas for either of these, let me know.


Alternatively I could also take some suggestion on page formatting, better pictures, videos and so on. If you think I should be doing something differently, again, all ideas are welcome.


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Stranded student scammer unveiled!?

Ivo De Bach. ScammerYou remember the conman going by the name of Denis Janson? The guy who has been extremely active all over Europe for the past 5 years, scamming helpful people out of hundreds of euros for wanting to do a good deed? Well, as it happens, people have been leaving comments on my site in the meantime, and it seems like some reporter has finally uncovered the real identity of the perpetrator; A guy going by the (facebook) name of Ivo De Bach!

I have no idea how that reporter tracked him down, but the photos match perfectly. Same haggard face, same chipped tooth. Go look at the photos I and others have taken in my previous posts. It’s almost certainly him.

If you know this person, be aware that he’s a very active scammer and a brilliant liar. I can’t tell you what to do this information, but if you help bring justice, I’d appreciate if you could let me know.

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