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Yeah, about that whole Declaration of war thing….


Ever spend a couple hours of your life watching something happen and realizing that nothing happened? 

Well, that was the President's speech this evening. A little more substance would have been...Lincolneque, perhaps? Here's my take on it...

And here's Dick Cheney leading a hootenany...well, actually, it's Graham Parker. 


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Concerning aesthetics and mass media in the 21st Century

"I think human consciousness, is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist by natural law. We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self; an accretion of sensory, experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody. Maybe the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight - brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal."--Rust Cohle, True Detective

I have no idea why True Detective didn't take every possible or conceivable award at the Emmys...except that the Emmys are pretty irrelevant to everything. But the persona of Rust Cohle will probably follow Matthew McConaghey to his grace and he'll be fine with that. Not unlike the Duke and the Ringo Kid; Eastwood and Dirty Harry.  And, he can have some fun with it as well...possible he's the new Eastwood for our times, burned out on bad X and imitation Don Perrignon, trying to maintain a certain level of gravitas despite knowing it's all a stupid game. Or the post-modern John Wayne, doing the "man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" for the world to wonder at. 

So, the guy has some standards. Lots of people in entertainment and sports don't. When A-Rod first was a seeming hero for the 21st Century, i.e., before Texas and the contract, the only ad he got in the Seattle market was a series of spots for Yammi Yougurt, which he jumped at. Sets the bar kind of low for class and establishing a brand. McConaghey has probably done others, but he just made a few for Lincoln SUVs and while I'm not sure they'd sell me a Lincoln if I was thinking about a SUV, I'd definitely pay to have him drive me around and talk about stuff...important stuff, like God and Sin and Beauty and smoked brisket and stuff. 

Some of the dialogue in the top one ranks with the best cowboy poets and Shakespeare..."I speak bull...1800 pounds and can do whatever he wants...I can respect that...Take the long way...Thanks."On the other hand, it makes me realize something -- we're in a  bold new world here that McLuhan saw coming. Soon, all meaning and art will be in the commercials, and the content will be static and Zipadeedodah. But, not just yet, at all times and in all places...but soon. 


Parable of the Dog Parks

Given the middle-eastern attitude toward dogs, am I working to be offensive here, or is it just gratutitous? I'm leaning toward appropriately, gratuitiously offensive...the whole area looks like a neglected dog park in some bankrupt city in Southern California anyway, so what the hell. In the immortal words to live by sung by that great American poet and channeler of all things Crispin Sartwell, Todd Snider, "Just because you think you're runnin' the place, that don't mean you're in charge..."



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Well, that kind of says it all really well –


While I'm not a big fan of the Daily Kos, I was pleased by this article. As things go from, "Damn, that's better..." to "What the hell is this guy trying to do?" ExPat Girl summed it all up well in her Diary Entry for August 18th, "The Dumbest Police Chief in America." Great catch, rescuing defeat from the jaws of victory for Ferguson Chief of Police who says Nihh...bring the boy a shrubbery. 

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Ferguson — Primer on how not to do it

I have seen a lot of idiotic things done in the name of law and order, defending the homeland, peace and on and on and on. But, if the City Hall and Police Force in Ferguson were looking to provide a test case for screwing something up, from start to finish, they have succeeded. If they were looking for any other results, well, to quote Bugs Bunny, what a bunch of "maroons" -- watching it all unfold last night on MSNBC, all I could think of was Falls Road in Belfast. It is not a good thing to think of a piece of America in that way. However, as we fragment and split and become more unequal, it may become more and more apropos. By the way, I propose this for the new anthem for the State of Missouri. 


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Who would want to be "that guy?"

Haven't written a lot, lately. Lots of reasons but generally I'm just fairly disgusted. Anyway, I sent a piece off to my other publisher last week, the Templar Times and Loch Ness Review, but they've been busy doing other things. I happen to think this is reasonably important to understanding the decline of the west and why Derek Jeter made the right decision. 

I first encountered Campbell's "Hero of 1000 Faces" in one of Michael Moorcock's books, an introduction I think to one of the later Elric things where he talked of both the hero and Nietzsche's myth of the eternal recurrence or return. We desperately seek these guys, and they just as desperately elude us. As Americans, we expect them to arise -- when they do, great. When they don't, oh well...

Recently ecountered this where the artist seems to confuse Mencken with Hunter S. Thompson.  Mencken on GovernmentOh well, they both were bald. Mencken, by the way, was a mysogonistic, bigoted, racist misanthrope, and I think that both Crispin and I would enjoy sitting down for coffee with him. Given his coverage of the Scopes trial, I'd like to get his take on intelligent design, Sarah Palin and the Creationist Museum and Theme Park. 

My piece has Washington, John Wilkes Booth, Maureen O'Hara and DickCheneythatmotherfucker make cameos. It contains a classic early rock song by a teen idol from the late 50s, early 60s who actually collaborated with Al Kooper, though not on like a rolling stone. I hope you enjoy it. If not, pogue mahone, which is appropriate because two Irish mythological heroes, one early 20th Century and one contemporary make appearances.

Part II is going to look at our mideast adventures or eastern misadventures from the point of view of why that guy would be a really bad idea. We need a coalition of those who want to help that guy...when John McCain who has always yearned for his "that guy" moment starts in on "this president," don't you just want Cindy Or Meegan to change him and give him his bottle?

Oh, and here's a heroic piece, I guess...


Back in the highlife again…

I have a new piece up on the Defeatists. It will surface eventually over at Veterans Today but this one doesn't have the musical pieces just linked but embedded. As well as John Oliver's piece last night on our version of the great leap forward, the Nuclear Program. Did you know our Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has been in charge while we decommissioned fewer nuclear missiles than were done under Bush? Either one? Amazing. 


I'm fairly irate over a lot of things involving the various wars we're not fighting but are definitely invested in. What the hell? The one way to guarantee Sunni-Shiite peace is through blowing up Christian and Shiite shrines...this is obviously a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Saudis funded al Queida (just never stopped sending the checks they sent the Muhajadeen, I suppose) and are probably funding the current loonies. Malaki is the classic American puppet who really turns into a bad boy as soon as he can. Unfortunately, the bad guys were perfectly ready to smash his ass; so, blood bath. 

And so it goes. Gaza is horrifying; both Jon Stewart and John Oliver have laid out how insane that mess is becoming. When you can arrange to give the moral high ground away for generations to a bunch of missile firing terrorists, you've done something pretty amazing. Ukarine is dumbfounding. We're cowering behind our fence wondering what to do about 50000 children fleeing terror, hatred, violence, oppression and slavery, and we're questioning whether or not they deserve asylum? They deserve fucking medals; give them 40 acres and a mule, and Mom and kids will make that desert bloom...

Except we're out of water....


Convergence — Pope Francis, Tom Friedman, Russ Douthart show up at Ana Marie Cox’s place for Maureen dowd’s brownies

 Sometimes I publish entire articles here, sometimes I do it somewhere else and just give you the Link. This is one of the later cases. I was struck by a variety of articles over the weekend -- the Pope's interview with a Spanish weekly, Friedman and Douthart's columns and then, of all things, Ana Marie Cox's piece in The Guardian this morning. I normally don't read either Friedman or Douthart and the Pope doesn't have a regular byline at the sites I visit. I religiously read Ana Marie.

Anyway, they were all approaching a serious issue -- what the hell should we do about Iraq kinda, sorta -- and seemed to be going at it from different perspectives and getting to the same point. The Pope's interview really triggered it, when he equated fundamentalism with violence. I think there's a lot of truth to it -- show me someone who wants to quote chapter and verse of everything in an appeal to authority, and I'll show you a guy who'd like to smite the unbeliever...which in Iraq boils down to Sunnis and Shiites smiting each other and anybody else like Christians, Sufis and other sects who wanders past. They all make good points == enjoy.


English Comedian Awakens Me from Dogmatic Slumbers


Not so long ago, a buddy of mine named Eric Garland tweeted that he didn't think most of Thomas Piketty's critics had read the book. I responded by asking if he had just learned about the nonexistence of Santa Claus. Eric, a somewhat anarchical economic analyst and bass player responded with "No Santa? Next you'll say no confidence fariy." 

But, his ironic comment about the critics and Piketty makes a great point. If you're reading this blog, you probably recognize the name, and have an idea about what the guy has established as a position. Accrued wealth accrues more wealth faster than labor...or, rich people get rich faster than workers.This results in imbalance and is not a positive factor. But, sheesh, it's a thick book and most of it is review of research and a lot of it is boring stuff about calvados and cheese production in Normandy or something -- is there a Powerpoint adaptation? 

Last weekend, John Oliver ranted for 13 hilarious minutes on his new TV show, Last Week Tonight about the problem of boredom. We have the collective attention span of gerbils. So, if you want to sneak something by us, do so in the most boring possible way. In the Senate and the House, they can use their rules to safely put those of us not working n the capital to sleep-deprived fever dreams in no time. With bureaucratic things like Net Neutrality, they can do it with discussions of rules. 

I have Oliver's piece and my thoughts on the mess available here. Short form, they want us to trust the broadband industry to take care of our interests. Sure, trust the bureaucrats (did you know the guy running the FCC is the former chief lobbyist for the Cable industry??) and the lobbyists because...Benghazi? 

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Carol King wrote "Don’t Bring Me Down?" Really…


You know, Carol King wrote this. What the hell, ehh...

The oddest things make you get all philosophic...which I suppose is why philosophers and those of us who are kinda, sorta like that, the modern Philosophe's or Philosopotasters (if you're not sure what that means, ask Crispin) lead such odd lives. Anyway, I saw a piece in American Songwriter this morning and it got me thinking about, of all things, rock and roll as Apollo's chariot, so to speak. The fact that a truly great rock and roll band has to be able to cover other people's stuff exceptionally well while finding their own way. And, some people you might not expect to have any patience with anyone can handle spoiled prima donnas better than most. But, mainly the fact that lots of us had our lives and sanity saved by rock and roll...

Full piece at the Defeatists. Lots of music. Maybe even some good thinking. Maybe not. Figure it out. Since Typepad has a problem with comments at the Defeatists for some reason, feel free to post here or just email me at


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