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Posts by Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Giving Crispin a hand here…

Besides being a frustrated card counter hanging out in Atlantic city on weekends -- he counts the cards ok, but the cheating makes him break out in hives -- Mr. Sartwell put himself through various levels of education by alternately stealing hubcaps and vandalizing heavy construction equipment or writing rock and roll criticism. 

Having an actual philosopher who actually knows something about the subject teaching American popular music to a college class is pretty amazing; usually this is done by musicologists who are tired of not getting the difference between a rondo and a fugue across to a composition class; or, someone who majored in "American Studies" and is just scavenging around the edge. So it's cool...good for him, and good for his students. 

Of course, all is not well. Crispy responds to a comment below indicating that the students seem alienated and bored. Well shit, man, they expected that you'd just have them listen to the Clash for a semester. Anarchist philosophy prof who lives in an old schoolhouse -- what the hell else would they expect? 

Anyway, there's this...

Here's another example: 

The original by some teenagers from Detroit in prom dresses:


And then about 15 years later, there was this, recorded in Cobo Hall, Detroit:


Compare, contrast and evaluate listing influences and examples...

Here we go round again…



Ray Davies is touring, Dave Davies is touring and the Kinks are supposedly going to do a reunion tour which sill be interesting since everybody else in the band is dead. 

And, for the second time in 20 years, a bunch of mouth-breathing troglydytes are babbling about impeaching the president, this time for exercising his constitutional powers. 

So, it seemed like a good time for this. 


Recent visits to the Abyss Scenic Overlook…

Since I write for several sites, it can get painful to have to reformat for each site because they all use different software and variations on HTML. I guess from a Geek point of view, there are religious reasons for using Typepad over Word Press or something else over Typepad. As a guy with thick fingers and neck, this is frustrating.


You know what else is frustrating? People. They're also fascinating. Two recent pieces I published at Veterans Today show that the United States is in genreal not falling into any sort of standard deviation pattern in terms of populace. Nobody should claim to have cornered the market on truth, and yet I keep finding readers who do, often from a population who should understand the idea that reality is complicated. 

Why we lostFirst piece is a pre-review of General Dan Bolger's new book on why we lost the global war on terror. You can call it whatever you want to call it, but his focus is on the actual war. Believe that the Israelis, the CIA, the Reptillians and Insectoids blew up the world trade center, fine; has to do with how we got invovled in two wars in Asia simultaneously but has little to do with why we screwed the pooch so badly. Bolger was concerned about fighting the damn war he was given based on the operational and strategic goals he was assigned. And, he's pretty sure that from an operational point of view, we screwed it all up. If the study of military disasters intrigues you, read my piece and/or the book. But, if you're curious about who the Tea Party's more disaffected constituents are, read the comments. I'm amazed.

The second piece was my post mortem on the post mortem of the post mortems of why Barrack Obama and the Democrats blew it. As they did, in great detail. The lack of moral courage, conviction and adoption of a Republican light strategy resulted in taking the US into the pits for two years while the world runs around the track. Accusations of Putin feeling up the Chinese President's wife aside, it's like the US is headed toward the height of irrelevance. Caligula famously sent a legion to the English Channel and had them invade the ocean and gather sea shells as a sign of their conquest. Obama and the Dems are marching to the sound of the Caligulan rhythm section...but, Caligula had an excuse, he was fucking crazy. If there was a way to throw out an incredible political advantage after pissing on it and insulting us all, the Dems did it. Scipio McConnell and Scipio Minor Boehner left a wasteland, but they figured to have won...whatever the hell was left.



A new peak in Crusader AXE’s productivity


I realized recently that I have made several attempts at the blogging equivalent of the unified field theory, that is, following part I of an essay several days later with part II. I just don't usually do that because I'm lazy and easily distracted. 

But the continuing debacle of policy and politics that has prevailed since Bush and the Rehnquist stole the Supreme Court 14 years ago has hit a point where the outrage meter is pegged out here, and it's easy to remember why I was so pissed off the first time. 

I admit that I consider the Republicans in the House and Senate, the leaders especially, to be lower on the chain of consciousness than sunflowers and slugs. But I have absolutely no clue what the President is doing and why...he's a smart guy. OK, got it; so was Herbert Hoover. He's trying to be Kennedyesque, except most of us who remember John Kennedy and Bobby are members of AARP. Being Kennedyesque today comes off as Mike Dukakis. 

So between them, I'm irked. And, this Ebola Czar nonsense is insane. McCain the Rs have a bad idea -- we need a Czar! Long live th Czar!'; Obama appoints one, and they start screaming "Not that one; another one." Meanwhile, we have a very logical CZAR, the unconfirmed head of the National Health Service. Since nobody in Congress is bothering to pretend to do anything, aren't they recessed? Couldn't Obama appoint him? Or at least make him the CZAR? Nah...too easy. 

Screw these people. 


Whadda Maroooon…Bugs Bunny

The Wascallwee Wabbit may or may not make a personal appearance in this but...

If I were Barrack Obama, I'd feel justified in asking God what the hell I'd ever done to him that merited this whirlwind of insanity. I think that smart, thoughtful presidents in the 21st Century aare at an awful disadvantage politically, and have been really since the Kennedy assassination. The guy is trying to do good things, but the world doesn't cooperate. It can't -- it's the world and consists of a lot of insane people with guns, money, lawyers, ski masks  and a mass of contradictory hidden agendas and open manifestos. In some ways, ISIL is a nice change -- they don't have a secret agenda, they're pretty open. They don't report to the same God that most of us recognize in the 21st Century. Still, they may call him Allah, but I think they worship Cthulhu or some other very dark overlord with a completely different agenda.


East of the rising sun, west of Gibraltar


Crispin, as most of his devoted Crispyheads know, doesn't like Dylan. However, I was driving home the other day, and something I'd never heard before that was obviously an older number because he didn't sound like the late Bob Shepard, Yankee Stadium PA man channeling Son House while introducing Mickey Mantle and it struck me. And, got me thinking about how screwed up the world is...we've got a brilliant president replacing the village idiot; we are a pretty smart country. And we keep stomping on it with cleats...not rubber cleats, but sharp steel ones like Ty Cobb wore


I've been shilling Russian mail order brides to all my lonely, unmarried or thinking about it friends. I'm helpful that way. One of my buddies, recovering from his third or fourth marriage told me that he would run before having anything to do with a Russian woman because they come from the womb crazy. This from a guy with 9 cats who wears thin lapelled suits and thin ties with a fedora at comment was fairly simple. "And..." figuring with the Russian bride, you don't have to fool yourself that it's going to be wonderful. 

Kind of like our latest adventure in Syria. So, I wrote this...It's not going to get better in a little while. 

Yeah, about that whole Declaration of war thing….


Ever spend a couple hours of your life watching something happen and realizing that nothing happened? 

Well, that was the President's speech this evening. A little more substance would have been...Lincolneque, perhaps? Here's my take on it...

And here's Dick Cheney leading a hootenany...well, actually, it's Graham Parker. 


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Concerning aesthetics and mass media in the 21st Century

"I think human consciousness, is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist by natural law. We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self; an accretion of sensory, experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody. Maybe the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight - brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal."--Rust Cohle, True Detective

I have no idea why True Detective didn't take every possible or conceivable award at the Emmys...except that the Emmys are pretty irrelevant to everything. But the persona of Rust Cohle will probably follow Matthew McConaghey to his grace and he'll be fine with that. Not unlike the Duke and the Ringo Kid; Eastwood and Dirty Harry.  And, he can have some fun with it as well...possible he's the new Eastwood for our times, burned out on bad X and imitation Don Perrignon, trying to maintain a certain level of gravitas despite knowing it's all a stupid game. Or the post-modern John Wayne, doing the "man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" for the world to wonder at. 

So, the guy has some standards. Lots of people in entertainment and sports don't. When A-Rod first was a seeming hero for the 21st Century, i.e., before Texas and the contract, the only ad he got in the Seattle market was a series of spots for Yammi Yougurt, which he jumped at. Sets the bar kind of low for class and establishing a brand. McConaghey has probably done others, but he just made a few for Lincoln SUVs and while I'm not sure they'd sell me a Lincoln if I was thinking about a SUV, I'd definitely pay to have him drive me around and talk about stuff...important stuff, like God and Sin and Beauty and smoked brisket and stuff. 

Some of the dialogue in the top one ranks with the best cowboy poets and Shakespeare..."I speak bull...1800 pounds and can do whatever he wants...I can respect that...Take the long way...Thanks."On the other hand, it makes me realize something -- we're in a  bold new world here that McLuhan saw coming. Soon, all meaning and art will be in the commercials, and the content will be static and Zipadeedodah. But, not just yet, at all times and in all places...but soon. 


Parable of the Dog Parks

Given the middle-eastern attitude toward dogs, am I working to be offensive here, or is it just gratutitous? I'm leaning toward appropriately, gratuitiously offensive...the whole area looks like a neglected dog park in some bankrupt city in Southern California anyway, so what the hell. In the immortal words to live by sung by that great American poet and channeler of all things Crispin Sartwell, Todd Snider, "Just because you think you're runnin' the place, that don't mean you're in charge..."



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Well, that kind of says it all really well –


While I'm not a big fan of the Daily Kos, I was pleased by this article. As things go from, "Damn, that's better..." to "What the hell is this guy trying to do?" ExPat Girl summed it all up well in her Diary Entry for August 18th, "The Dumbest Police Chief in America." Great catch, rescuing defeat from the jaws of victory for Ferguson Chief of Police who says Nihh...bring the boy a shrubbery. 

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