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Saturday Mornings at SubRosa!

Greetings friends, neighbors and strangers,

Come spend your Saturday mornings with us! We here at SubRosa are keeping busy as always and we're inviting you to our wonderful courtyard and shop for some special events the next two Saturdays.

This Saturday, May 11th SCAMP (Santa Cruz Anarchist Mentors and Parents) is hosting a Brunch/Bake Sale to benefit SubRosa! From 10am to 2pm come get yummy baked goods, brunchables and our always delicious coffee and tea. Gluten free and sugar free folks fear not, there will be things for you too. Expect kid cuteness and some live music as well! All proceeds go to SubRosa. Thanks SCAMP!

Next Saturday, May 18th is our monthly Really Really Free Market from 11am to 2pm. Bring your un-used clothes, sporting goods, housewares, records, books, cds, art, toys, food... and find some new treasures. Let's meet each other's needs without money or capitalism! Last RRFM had free tarot readings and we hope more folks will bring services and talents to share. Are you an aspiring hair cutter? Bring your shears.

We hope to see you soon and as always extend our invitation to your dreams and
ideas. Let's collaborate! Over Brunch!

Love your friendly neighborhood anarchists

Only a few days until SubRosa Fundraiser Deadline

We only have a few days of the SubRosa fundraiser and we have almost $1000 to go of our $2500 goal.

We're not giving up yet, because we are convinced that this radical space right in downtown Santa Cruz means enough to you to support it financially if you can.

If you've enjoyed gourmet coffee and teas, checked out books from the anarchist library, attended a show, a performance, a speaking event or one of the weekly open mics -- if you've met a friend on a sunny day out in out courtyard garden, attended a Free Skool class or a UBEW technology workshop -- if you've written letters to prisoners, been to a women or queer discussion group, worked on cop watch or community safety issues at SubRosa -- if you've bought books or zines, used the free computers, browsed the old seed library, or found something in the zine exchange -- maybe SubRosa is an important part of your community that you want to continue to see thrive.

We ask you to give as much as you can comfortably afford to sustain this community space.

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Support SubRosa
Support the Fall Fundraiser!

Since SubRosa is fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) non-profit, your donation is tax-deductible.

Thanks for all the ways you support us.

SubRosa Collective
Fundraising Bottomliner

Anarchists Take Stand Against Broken Windows

We have a little good news and a little bad news.

Bad news first.  Over the weekend, two of our windows were busted out on two consecutive nights.  It wasn't a burglary (though that has happened several times in the past), but just a semi-random asshole thing to do, we guess.

As is our policy, we are focusing on community-based non-coercive solutions, rather than calling the police.  This includes talking to neighbors and patrons and an all-night watch at the space.

Windows can be replaced, of course.  But it is expensive (and disheartening).  If you'd like to help, come in during staff hours (9am-2pm M-F) and help make the space feel safe. Or if you can't make it in, please support our winter fundraiser.

The good news is that we've met 33% of our goal in our fundraiser.  But we only have a little under a month left, which works out to be just over $400 a week.

How are we doing?

Time Left
27 days

Support the Fall Fundraiser!

Again, if you can, please stop in and help make the space feel safer.  And thanks as always for your support.

SubRosa Collective

Winter Staffing Positions Available

Volunteer Positions Available at Anarchist Community Space

SubRosa serves many roles within the community: a bookstore, a cafe, a meeting place, a gallery showcase for emerging local artists, a music, poetry, and performance venue, a space for classes and workshops, a lending library, a source for radical books and 'zines, and a hub for radical projects. We'd like you to be part of it.

We are looking for great people who are interested in bringing their enthusiastic radical energy to this project.  We are focusing on making the space feel like a vibrant community space, safe and comfortable for all sorts of people to share ideas, get together, study, perform at events, and create art.  We'd like you to be part of that if you are into it.

What does your life look like now?  Do you want to help make SubRosa a vibrant rad community space?

SubRosa is a space for all kinds of people.  Our collective is largely drawn from the anarchist community,. but not everyone identifies as an anarchist.  We do share a common curiosity about and interest in radical social change, as we hope you do too.

We want to be explicit that we want SubRosa to be a place where women, trans, queer, and people of color feel safe, welcome and included.  If you are similarly committed to fighting sexism, racism, homo/transphobia, and other forms of coercive domination, we encourage you to talk to us about volunteering.

The Deets:  We have open positions for volunteers and staffers.  Both volunteers and staffers hold down a weekly shift, but staffers hold additional responsibilities for collective decision-making, bottomline tasks, and bi-weekly meetings. 

Please email as soon as you can with your interest, concerns, or comments.  For more info about SubRosa, events, art, classes, and so on, please visit our website at

Subrosa 4th Birthday Staff Open Mic Thu Nov 29th 7:30pm

This Thursday we invite you to join us for a very special event...

Subrosa 4th Birthday Staff Open Mic
 Thu 29 Nov 8pm - Performance Music Poetry - $3-7 at the door

703 Pacific Ave Santa Cruz

SubRosa is celebrating four years of bringing radical community space to downtown Santa Cruz.  This Thursday we are hosting a special Open Mic in which SubRosa volunteers and supporters past, present, and future are invited to perform.  The stage will be open to everyone and we invite performers to address SubRosa's meaning in their lives and in the community.

This will be SubRosa's 200th Open Mic since we opened on a rainy November evening in 2008.  Every week the Open Mic has offered an opportunity to connect with friends and showcase the incredible creative talent in our community. Music, poetry, and performance. From the mundane to the jaw-droppingly inspirational.

Donations directly benefit this community-supported space.  Signups for performance at 7:30 and will fill up quickly. Bring your creativity and artistic genius.

SubRosa is an all-volunteer donation-supported anarchist and radical space.  We have a lending library, books and zines

Five cute kittens.
  you cannot get anywhere else, monthly gallery art by emerging artists, performances, shows and open mic in a town with few artist venues, and a place to host numerous free skool classes.  There are few better ways to  support the local community and work directly to make change in the world.

There’s so much going on at SubRosa!

Greeting friends, comrades, creatures and the like! There is so much going on at SubRosa this fall! As we dance our way between rain and super sunny hot autumn days we are as busy as ever. We are open weekdays from 9-2pm, come down and catch a Free Sko…

Continue reading at SubRosa - a community space …

2013 Slingshot Organizers are Available

2013 Slingshot Organizers are Available

Our book buyer is excited to tell you that Slingshot Organizers are in!

These are a labor of love from the Slingshot Collective in Berkeley and help support the Slingshot newspaper project and indirectly support the Long Haul Infoshop.  AND if that weren't enough, when you buy them at SubRosa, you are supporting this local community project too.

The pocket version "classic" is a 176 page pocket planner (4.25 inches X 5.5 inches) with radical dates for every day of the year, space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, menstrual calendar, info on police repression, extra note pages, plus much more. Choose from 15 cover colors printed with either black or silver ink.  These are 6 bucks.

The large-size version is bound with a spiral wire binding and is twice the size of the "classic" pocket organizer (5.5 inches X 8.5 inches) with twice as much space to write all the events in your life. It is 176 pages. It has similar contents to the classic.  You get a little bonus stuff in the spiral version. The spiral version is available in 15 colors printed with either black or silver ink.  $12 just for you.

We've also reorganized the space a bit to give us more space for books and zines.  So come in check out SubRosa, and pick up your 2013 Organizer while we still have them.
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Announcing Our Fall Fundraiser!

On November 1st, SubRosa celebrates its Four-Year Birthday!  Amazing. Who would have thought this crazy idea would take hold and grow roots in Santa Cruz the way it has? It's been a bumpy ride at times and, thanks to your support, we are still thriving.

We are trying to collect $2500 by the end of the year.  Your donation in our Fall Fundraiser helps us keep providing this space for radical social change. Our rent is likely to go up a lot in the coming months.  Please feel free to set up a regular (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) donation to the space.

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Support SubRosa
Support the Fall Fundraiser!

There have been a lot of subtle changes to SubRosa in the last year, that you may or may not have noticed. 

During spring a lot of our staffers go a'rambling, so the hours and days we were open got kinda wonky.  During our summer staff camp out, we decided to consolidate our staffing resources.  So we now have consistent regular hours 9am to 2pm every day, with the afternoons reserved for special events, such as open mic, an improv workshop, kids care, and lots of free skool classes.

We have been changing around the Garden Courtyard a bit to make it a more lovely place to hang out with friends on a sunny fall day.  You'll see more changes near the end of October as well.

We have hundreds of new books for sale.  We gathered a ton of stuff from book fairs in Seattle, LA, Edmonton, and Minneapolis, as well as from Bay Area local AK Press.  Come in and check it out.

We'll be checking in with you again as the Fall Fundraiser progresses.  And as always, since we are fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your donations are tax deductible.  If you need a non-profit receipt, just ask.

Hate Facebook?

So do we.  But sometimes we find ourselves using it in spite of ourselves.  Ah, the contradictions and compromises of modern times and global capitalism. 

If you do use Facebook to keep up with what's happening, local events, friend's bands, and so on, you can also keep up with what's happening at SubRosa.  (And there is a lot going on, indeed.)  Beyond just liking us, we suggest you might "like" us on Facebook too.  Check out our facebook page:

And if you do not "like" Facebook at all, not a problem.  All of our SubRosa events are posted on the front page of our website and listed on our online calendar.  Check that out here:

Okay, so enough of this interwebs hoohaw.  Back to creating awesome shows, events, workshops, classes, open mic, and meetings, and serving up great coffee, subversive literature, and great books.


Starting next week on Monday September 10th, our hours will be more consistent and reliable!

(with some weekend hours as staff are available)

So stop in at SubRosa any morning and get a delicious cup of strong fair-trade one dollar coffee and check out all of our new books!

THE AFTERNOONS at SubRosa will be reserved for special events, workshops, and meetings. Exciting examples include Library Hours, Kid Care Day, Letter Writing, Craft Day, workshops, Free Skool classes, yoga practice, and so on.  Check our online calendar, to see what we have planned.