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Statement from London Black Revolutionaries on Ferguson Row with SWP

The following is a repost of a statement by London Black Revolutionaries, originally posted on the Facebook event page of their 'Flood the Embassy' Ferguson solidarity protest: Reply to Weyman Bennett/ Sabby Dhalu / Stand Up To Racism & Socialist Workers Party from London Black Revolutionaries We would like to clarify a recently alarming statement on behalf of Stand Up To Racism posted to us

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Help Sacked Sheffield IWW Member Tomasz This Friday!

The following appeal for action has been posted by Sheffield IWW: On Friday 10th October, IWW member Tomasz was fired from his job at the Greedy Greek Deli, in Sheffield, UK after challenging his boss's physically aggressive behaviour.  Boss Dennis Mouzakis is a notorious local employer. Amongst other illegal practices, Dennis makes staff work unpaid trials of around 20 hours in order to

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Liverpool IWW Agrees Safer Spaces Policy

The following is a repost from the Liverpool IWW blog: At our branch meeting last week, Liverpool IWW agreed a safer spaces policy. In doing so, we’re declaring that we aim to make our online and real life spaces safer for all, and especially oppressed and marginalised sections of the working class. We are doing this because it is the decent thing to do, and also because we are conscious

Huge Kurdish Anti-ISIS Demo Floods Liverpool Streets

The huge march marking its way down Lord Street Around three hundred Kurdish people plus a handful of supporters took over entire streets in Liverpool city centre this afternoon, as they demonstrated their opposition to ISIS and their enablers in the Turkish government. Despite avowedly being part of a US-led anti-ISIS military coalition in the region, the Turkish military has aided the

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The Siege of the Kobanê Commune

Freedom fighters who battled IS in Kobanê The state siege in and around the majority Kurdish city of Kobanê is a horrific event, which strengthens the position of the brutal Islamic State, and constitutes a humanitarian catastrophe. But more than this, Kobanê is one of three 'cantons' which declared their autonomy last year, as part of the Kurdish 'Rojava revolution' (Rojava being the part of

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*CN – Violence against Women* Solidarity with FW Rory MacKinnon and Survivors of Domestic Violence

The following is a repost from the Liverpool IWW blog: Liverpool IWW wholeheartedly welcomes the statement made this week by Clydeside wobblies, and supports their call for a boycott of the Morning Star. We stand in full solidarity with FW Rory MacKinnon, who was suspended (and effectively forced to resign) by the paper, for investigating the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union

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Liverpool Rise for Palestine Respond to Mayor Joe Anderson

Liverpool Rise for Palestine have released a statement in response to the Liverpool Echo's sensationalist coverage of their protest outside Mayor Joe Anderson's Old Swan home. The Echo published much of it, but here is the original: Mayor Anderson is indignant at the protest outside his house on Friday 12 September, and accuses us of ‘intimidation and thuggery’ (your report 13 September).

My Personal Manifesto for the 2015 General Election (Work in Progress)

Back in May I announced that I'd be standing in next year's general election, as Class War candidate for Liverpool Riverside. Last week I shared my answers to questions asked by the Candidate Hub website. Today I'm sharing my current list of policies (Class War in general have their own here). The policies are the result of brainstorming with my 'closest advisers'. They range from the

Pro-Palestine Campaigners Visit Home of Liverpool Mayor

The view from inside (pic: @JoeforLiverpool) Campaigners from the Liverpool Rise for Palestine group protested outside the home of Mayor Joe Anderson yesterday evening, angered by his Labour council's links with G4S. The notorious security company stand accused of atrocities within the Israeli prison system. From information provided by Anderson himself on his Twitter account, it seems that

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My General Election Profile for Candidate Hub

Support The Class War Party from Lil Onorth on Vimeo. A few weeks back, Candidate Hub asked me a bunch of questions about my election campaign next year. The answers will go up on their website when they've got more answers, but this is what I told them. 1. Obviously our goal is to strengthen the relationship between voters and candidates, but what do you plan to do in order to make sure