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Posts by Adam Ford

A Needle Walks Into A Hay Stack

Judith Hopf's underwhelming Flock of Sheep Curated by Mai Abu ElDahab and Anthony Huberman Old Trade Union, Community and Resource Centre, Hardman Street (5th July - 26th October 2014) A Needle Walks Into a Hay Stack is the flagship show of this year's Liverpool Biennial. The publicity promises it is "about effecting larger questions facing contemporary life and art, from an intimate and

The Shameful Truth About Liverpool’s FACT

FACT's carefully-cultivated 'lefty' image masks a brutal internal hierarchy This article was written for Liverpool's 'Nerve' magazine. When the Liverpool Echo revealed that the FACT - the heart of the city's 'Ropewalks' cultural quarter - had axed paid staff and replaced them with volunteers, it provoked a wave of revulsion at the charity's decidedly corporate-style practices. Social

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Why I’m Standing for Class War

I hate general election campaigns. And yet, I've decided to stand in one, as the Class War candidate for Liverpool Riverside. There are several reasons for this: Otherwise 2015 will be the worst election ever: You think 2010 was bad? Unless you're filthy rich, all the parties now in Parliament will be saying that your life needs to be made much, much worse. And why? Because the filthy rich

George Garrett Archive

Liverpool Central Library (3rd - 31st May 2014) Going to the newly refurbished Liverpool Central Library is a weird experience. With its shiny up-to-the-minute feel, it serves as a hint of what public services could be like, if only a decent amount of resources were dedicated to them. On the other hand, it also doubles as an excuse for Liverpool council to point to as they devastate public

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Irish Communities Unite to Resist Water Charges

Two have been hospitalised defending their right to water from the Troika For more than three weeks now, people in major Irish cities have been taking direct action to prevent Irish Water from installing so-called 'smart meters', which many believe will push the cost of water - the most vital of all substances, beyond their ability to pay. In doing so, they are providing the first active

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Incarcerated Worker Movement Strikes in Alabama; Spokesman Held in Solitary

Prison bosses have retaliated against organiser Melvin Ray Prisoners in Alabama have started to organise as workers, in conjunction with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The group of hundreds of inmates, called the Free Alabama Movement, approached the IWW some months ago in order to held them organise and get the word out about their struggle. The IWW website reports that: "This

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Whose Productivity? Whose Wealth?

Liverpool economic productivity has shot up since 2004, but who's benefited? This week, the Liverpool Echo gushed that the Liverpool city region was being "hailed for a remarkable rise in its productivity". It was referencing research published by Capital Economics, who claim that Liverpool's productivity growth of 34% since 2004 is the highest in the country. But is the average Liverpool area

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Solidarity Network Set Up in Liverpool

SolNets are new to this country, but have had some success in the US The following article is due to be published in the new issue of Nerve magazine: A group of activists in Liverpool are starting to set up a solidarity network. Unless you're already involved, you're probably thinking one of two things now. Either 1) 'that sounds boring, what is the next article?' or 2) 'what the hell is a

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Asylum For Aderonke March Takes Place in Liverpool

*Content note - outline of violent homophobic oppression* Around twenty-five supporters of Aderonke Apata rallied in Liverpool, before handing over a petition bearing 24,000 signatures demanding that Home Secretary Theresa May allows the Nigerian-born LGBTQI activist and human rights campaigner to remain in the UK. The Liverpool event was held in conjunction with another which was taking

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Cambridge Mental Health Centre Occupiers Win Closure Delay

Occupiers are still refusing to leave (photo:Save Cambridge CCS) Earlier this month I reported how service users had been occupying a mental health drop-in centre which was earmarked for closure, as part of Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Trust's austerity drive. I described how: "The centre has been open two days a week for the last twelve years, catering for adults with mainly borderline

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