June 2011

From the Greek Parliament to the Greek Streets

From the Department of This is What Democracy Looks Like: Trouble at mill. A couple of days ago the Greek Parliament passed–by 155 votes to 138–a new wave of austerity measures intended to further bleed the Greek masses dry. Now … Continue reading

City Cop – August 2011 USA tour

City Cop - August 2011 USA tour:

I got a little lazy these days as far as posting goes, since I can’t make myself listen to some new tunes simply because my room is being raped by “Cult Of Luna” for three straight days….

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The other year workers in Ontario and Newfoundland were "treated" to an exhibition of just how hard hearted and tight fisted the international mining giant Vale is. But Canada and Brazil are only two countries that figure in the global assets of the company. In Colombia Vale goes even further in its disdain for workers and democracy. Here's a petition from the online labour solidarity site Labour Start asking people to protest Vale's tactics in Colombia.

Colombia: Tell Vale no more union busting
As if it wasn’t hard enough for unions to operate in Colombia, now Vale wants to make it harder. Workers at global giant Vale’s El Hatillo coal mine in Colombia recently organized with the union SINTRAMIENERGETICA and presented modest bargaining demands. Rather than negotiate, Vale has attempted to dictate the process by which the union formulates its demands. Vale supervisors have threatened every worker with dismissal unless they renounce the union. Vale’s superintendent locked one union supporter in his office and threatened him to the point that the supporter showed symptoms of a heart attack and was hospitalized in serious condition. The majority of workers at El Hatillo are subcontracted which also limits their right to organize.


The Letter:

Please go to this link to send the following message to the President of Colombia and the Vale management:

Dear Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Vale Colombia CEO Zenaldo Olivera,

We demand that you respect the fundamental rights of workers employed at Vale’s El Hatillo coal mine in Colombia. Vale must cease its obstruction tactics and threats. It must recognize the union that these workers have organized with, SINTRAMIENERGETICA, and negotiate in good faith. The Government of Colombia must ensure that the fundamental rights of workers employed at Vale and those of all other Colombian workers are respected. Specifically, the Government must ensure that companies cannot use cooperatives or other subcontracting arrangements to deprive workers of their basic rights.

Marriage 2000: A Time Odyssey

The following passage (CHT Jesse Walker) from Ehrlichman’s Witness to Power: The Nixon Years, quoting Nixon on same-sex marriage in 1970 –

I can’t go that far; that’s the year 2000! Negroes [and whites], okay. But that’s too far!

– irresistibly reminds me of these lines toward the end of the recent Doctor Who episode “Day of the Moon,” set in 1969:

a different Doctor Who and a different Nixon

DOCTOR: Canton just wants to get married. Hell of a reason to kick him out of the FBI.

NIXON: I’m sure something can be arranged. … This person you want to marry – black?


NIXON: I know what people think of me, but perhaps I’m a little more liberal –

CANTON:he is.

NIXON: I think the moon is far enough for now, don’t you, Mr. Delaware?

CANTON: I figured it might be.

It struck me because I’d seen DW viewers complaining that it was “unrealistic” that Nixon would even have so much as considered the issue of same-sex marriage.

My grandmother shot me in the face every Christmas

The American Enterprise Institute's Megan McCarthy thinks she has uncovered damning hypocrisy:
It was 25 years ago this week that the International Court of Justice handed down a 12-3 decision condemning U.S. intervention in Nicaraguan affairs. Not surprisingly, the international community is largely silent on Chavez’s ongoing intervention in Nicaragua.
I was just reading about Nicaragua v. The United States of America the other day. It's an interesting one. Basically, the U.S. was found guilty of violating the Nicaragua's sovereignty by planting mines in the latter's harbors and funding a brutal right-wing insurgency that ultimately left 50,000 Nicaraguans dead. The U.S. claimed it was acting in self-defense. On behalf of Honduras. But then, the Reagan administration lawyers didn't have to put much thought into their legal arguments given that the U.S. rejected the International Court of Justice's jurisdiction and then refused to abide its ruling. Nicaragua never got a cent of the money it was awarded in reparations.

Which is a long way of saying that the U.S. intervention mentioned by McCarthy, which entailed killing tens of thousands of people, is in not in any way analogous to Chavez's intervention, the most "egregious case" of which she can provide is the Venezuelan government providing its Nicaraguan counterpart "huge amounts of money" in often "opaque" ways.

Once more: shooting someone in the face -- or paying someone to shoot another in the face and giving them the gun to do it -- is not at all like sending someone an envelope full of cash. Given the charges McCarthy makes about him, Chávez sounds more like your grandmother sending you a card with a $20 in it for your birthday than he does Uncle Sam.

es muy jodido hacer musica asi media naif y no quedar como un…

es muy jodido hacer musica asi media naif y no quedar como un siome pelotudo. por eso, reconozcamos la grandeza de beat happening.


I keep trying to write a lengthy review about this song, because it’s one of my favourites and I think it was really important to independent music and I want to express how beautiful it is.

But it keeps coming out as “ugh this is da best y aren’t u guys luvin it yet”.

Indian Summer Complete collection.Indian Summer | Self Titled |…

Indian Summer Complete collection.

Indian Summer | Self Titled | Repercussion | Black | 7 inch
Indian Summer / Current | Split | Homemade | Black | 7 inch
Indian Summer / Embassy | Split | Slave Cut | Black | 7 inch
Indian Summer / Ordination of Aaron | Speed Kills | Inchworm | Black | 7 inch
V/A | Eucalyptus | Tree | Black | 2x7” inch
V/A | Ghost Dance | Slave Cut | Black | 2x7” inch
Indian Summer | Hidden Arithmetic | 2007 | Adagio 830 | Black | 12 inch
V/A | Food Not Bombs Benefit | Inchworm | Black | 12 inch
Indian Summer | Live Blue Universe | File 13 | compact disc
Indian Summer | Discography | Future Recordings | compact disc

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a spidey no le cabe el…

a spidey no le cabe el roche



xdanimalx: Negative Approach – Can’t Tell No One


Negative Approach - Can’t Tell No One

banco esta banda con toda. foodforworms: Tristezas de la tardeLa…

banco esta banda con toda.


Tristezas de la tarde

La incertidumbre
me roba otro sueño
hay un arbol de hojas secas
que incendió el recuerdo.
Asustado desde la ventana
veo como una rama cayo
y quisiera despertarme
y recordar sin rencor.
Esa imagen y el dolor siguen en ese mismo rincón
acechandome, no tengo salvación.

No queda salida
no tengo por donde escapar.
Sabés lo que daría
sólo por olvidar.
Una oscura habitación,
calma y desesperación.
Dentro de esta habitación,
calma y desesperación.

Encerrado entre estas paredes
donde la flor se pudrio
tapará mi cara la almohada
asi ya no pregunto por vos.

Encerrado entre estas paredes
esta vez no puedo salir
voy a tirarme en esa cama
y en silencio dejarme morir.




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