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March 2011

Agora IO – Drawing Useful Lessons From History

Agora IO, the online agorist un-conference, was really cool! Presenters logged into a site that let them broadcast live audio and video, and anyone watching could type questions or comments into a chat room the presenter could view.

It was the first time I did anything like this (I think it was only the second time I’d even used a webcam). I definitely hope to participate in more events like it. Had I realized that the archived recording would begin automatically I would have been better prepared, at least added some exaggerated drama to the necessary typing.

The actual talk went well. I had two pages of brief notes on topics I’d never discussed in a speech before, so a lot of it was made up as I went along. With the audience participation it proved very thought-provoking.

Thanks a lot to George Donnelly for all the work he put in to make Agora IO such a success.

My talk is embedded below. You can view all the talks (except for one it seems) at the Agora IO archives.

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That’s Right.

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Market Anarchy Mailed Monthly!

tl;dr. There’s three beautiful new booklets available for ordering from the ALL Distro, and the Distro is officially launching two regular monthly publications. If you’re interested in subscribing for individual copies or bulk distribution packets, contact me. I’m happy to announce three new additions to the Alliance of the Libertarian Left Artwork & Agitprop Distro, [...]

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Vichy’s ‘Very Nice People’

Someone else needs to get all Alice Miller on this:

The history of French collaboration with Nazi Germany during World War II is still a very sensitive subject in Gallic literary and political circles. Bestselling novelist Alexandre Jardin has learned this the hard way with the publication of “Des Gens Très Bien” (or “Very Nice People”), a startling exposé of his famous family’s association with Nazism under the Vichy government of Marshal Philippe Pétain…critical reactions in the Parisian press have veered from occasional plaudits to often vicious attacks from across the ideological spectrum. The trouble for these academics and baby boomers alike is that in his work, Mr. Jardin not only denounces his respected paternal grandfather, but by extension all the other “very nice people” of wartime France.

…”The French read my father’s book massively in the hundreds of thousands because they needed to be able to love their parents and grandparents regardless of what they did during the war,” Mr. Jardin says.”But my grandfather did not save Jews. He saved some friends who were Jews . . . there were almost no French collaborators who did not save a Jewish friend.”

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que la toquen, si no que me den lo q me salio la entrada……

que la toquen, si no que me den lo q me salio la entrada… ah cierto que fue gratis.

Janes Addiction - Mountain Song (by 701South)


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un poguitoh por aca nosebleeeed: I LIKE DROPDEAD SORRY//////

un poguitoh por aca



eso. bien lento. LENTO. vinterblot: …

eso. bien lento. LENTO.


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four sticks the crunge communication breakdown living loving…

four sticks

the crunge

communication breakdown

living loving maid



gallows pole

how many more time

good times, bad times

immigrant song

(via chaunceycc, heartmindspirit)

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solo te pido que se vuelvan a juntaaaaarrr philnoto: FUGAZI

solo te pido que se vuelvan a juntaaaaarrr



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