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September 2010

At C4SS: Two Victories and a Challenge

Let your Light Shine on for all Eternity is the New Go out in a Blaze of Glory

Can you feel it? The visceral longing to join the lady in this picture, to back her up, to help her, to save her. As hordes of destroyers descend on her home in some dusty corner of Asia, all she has left is her ability to resist. It doesn’t matter to her that she is one and they are many. She cares not that their arms could kill her one thousand times over. They have come to take all that is left of importance in her life. She will resist to the last. At least it is an honorable end.

In some corners of the liberty movement this image is being shared as a tactic worthy of imitation. It doesn’t matter that we are outnumbered and outgunned, let them do their worst and we shall do ours, they say. It’s noble, charming and straight out of Braveheart. It’s also stupid.

The odds do matter. There is as much sense in wanton fighting back as there is in cultish mass suicide. This is not an impoverished corner of Asia and we still have plenty of options – if only we would use them. We can still speak, write, publish and influence the public discourse. Sure, we have to do it the state’s way. But we can still do it.

If the moment comes for violent resistance and we must go out in a blaze of glory, so be it. If we must die, let it be on our own terms. Until that day, however, we press on, consolidating our gains, protecting our comrades, enjoying what our short lives have to offer and expanding our networks and markets. Think of it as a business. Do you wantonly send out your salesmen to die at the point of their sales pitches or do you marshal your forces for a smart, long-term strategy that maximizes your chance of success?

I am not criticizing this lady or anyone who puts themselves on the line to defend their principles, communities, homes or families. These brave individuals give us a star to aim for, a guide to navigate by. They inspire us to greater heights of humanity. They are a benchmark for human fortitude, honor and morality.

Be a beacon for humanity. A beacon of life preservation, love, kindness, compassion, solidarity. Don’t be an idealogue seeking death in the name of an idea. Live for it instead. Better, be the living incarnation of the best, most appealing aspects of your ideas. Teach it by living it. And pass it on to the next generation. Remember that at root our best ideas are about life and how best to live it, foster it and safeguard it. This is the foundation of all that is good about us libertarians and anarchists.

Is it better to live on though your deeds and words like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Henry David Thoreau and Malcolm X? Or will you die in a blaze of glory like Joe Stack. Who?! Exactly. I know which one is for me. What about you?

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danimarquez: Good Good Things by Descendents


Good Good Things by Descendents

Fight the #DreamAct & Save #Latino Lives

I once thought the Dream Act was a worthy pursuit, although I was sickened by how many in the Latin@ community seemed unconcerned about the provisions Congress attached to the bill which would have had deadly consequences for most Mexican immigrants. In an earlier post here at QAO, I wrote that I thought the Dream Act could pass on its own merits without being part of a larger bill that would cause countless deaths. I also said that I supported passage of the Dream Act as long as there were no xenophobic or militaristic additions to it by our then supermajority Democratic Congress.

I was wrong about the Dream Act.

Profoundly wrong.

It was a putrid, rotten, racist scheme from its very inception.

If you are Latin@ and/or an immigrant student who might not like what you just read, then I urge you to take 6 minutes to watch the following report before you start calling my mother horrible names in the comments section.

If you are a white American liberal "ally" who is offended on behalf of the "Hispanic community", then please say whatever you like and don't waste your time watching the clip first. Your opinion means exactly nothing to me. So fire away and earn your liberal POC-ally cookie!

"But here steps in Satan, the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds. He…"

“But here steps in Satan, the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of...

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glenn, si pasas por el chino comprame las galletitas celosas que…

glenn, si pasas por el chino comprame las galletitas celosas que salen 2 pe el paquete y van como piña con el mate.





Danzig in a Danzig shirt buying kittie supplies.

Just floating this out there.

Danzig always struck me as more a dog person, I’ll be honest. 

yeah i thought he would have like a wolf or something.

It’s a bad ass kitty. You just don’t know.

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a esta banda la conoci pq nekro tenia una remera de ellos en la…

a esta banda la conoci pq nekro tenia una remera de ellos en la foto que venia en el cd de anesthesia.



si el negro agita,  vos pogueas o…

si el negro agita,  vos pogueas o pogueas.


Burn - “…Shall Be Judged”

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resulta extraño que un disco tan clasico como este no tenga…

resulta extraño que un disco tan clasico como este no tenga edicion local. odio a jeff lynne, con un productor mas “tradicional” sonaria mas copado.


Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever

TOM PETTY - Full Moon Fever (1989)

1. Free Falling 
2. I Won`t Back Down 
3. Love Is A Long Road 
4. A Face In The Crowd 
5. Runnin Down A Dream 
6. Feel A Whole Lot Better 
7. Yer So Bad 
8. Depending On You 
9. The Apartment Song 
10. Alright For Now 
11. A Mind With A Heart Of Its Owns 
12. Zombie Zoo 

Este es el primer disco que editó Tom Petty como solista, sin sus Heartbrackers, pero acompañado por amigos como George Harrison, Ringo Star, Roy Orbison y Mike Campbell de los Heartbrackers. El disco está producido por Jeff Lynne quien en esa época produjo a varios y todos los discos sonaban iguales, pero lo perdonamos. Este fue uno de los primeros cassettes que me compré con mi dinero asi que le tengo mucho cariño. Me gustan los temas A Face In The Croud, I Won`t Back Down, el tema de los Byrds Feel A Whole Lot Better y el clásico Free Fallin’. Actualmente no está editado en Argentina.


Molly’sBlog 2010-09-30 18:39:00

I have to admit that the last item on this blog made me feel sort of "creepy". Perhaps it is merely my personal distance from the true believers in veganism. Thus I feel the need to clear the air and my own gut pains via another announcement from here in Winnipeg about a social for the North West Slo Pitch League that Molly has recently received. Now Molly has little interest in baseball. I consider it a great contender for the title of 'Most Boring Game On Earth', (football yeah !) but I have to say that I have infinitely more interest in it than I do in the "ethical purity" of vegans. At least these people hold a social that I might consider attending.

I probably shouldn't make a great political argument out of this, but it dredges up memories of one statement that I read here on the internet "complaining" that there is no more "working class culture". Of course there is, but it is very much defined by things that the average leftist has been trained to hate by their academic conditioning which says that only the exotic has any value. Such things as baseball leagues are one such example of what leftists are trained to hate. There are undoubtedly hundreds more.

Anyways here is the announcement, and Molly hopes to receive many more.
NWSPL social Sat Nov 6th at Glenwood cc
Time Saturday, November 6 at 8:00pm - November 7 at 1:00am


Location Glenwood cc
27 Overton st
Winnipeg, MB

More Info
Hey there NWSPL nation ! The ball season isnt over just yet! We are having our windup social & awards night on Sat Nov 6th at Glenwood cc 27 Overton street from 8pm-1am.Tickets are only $10.00 so come out& enjoy a great night of fun , friends, great silent auction prizes,awards,food & drinks along with a few games & surprises! Come cheer on the winning teams & mvps as they receive all their hardware. All team captain have tickets but if you or someone you know need more then let me know asap! We also have a donation letter on the league website if you are able to help out with some silent auction prizes. Hope to see everyone out for a crazy party to wind down the 2010 season! Lets all have a blast & blow the roof off the club!

Thanks Jamie 223 9118