June 2010

Gone Fishin’

It’s not just the name of a Flipper album.

As part of an elaborate plot involving the shipment of massive amounts of KGB gold hidden among mountains of bagels — a mad dash across the globe made at the behest of an Athenian dog whose er, tentacles (if she had them) would extend deep into the heart of the famous anarchist quarter of Wellington — I’m taking a break from blogging for a few days, or maybe even a week or two.

In the meantime:

Anarcho-blogging roundup
Phil Dickens

I’m currently away from home (and thus my own PC) in London.
I will be home tomorrow, and normal blogging service will resume therafter. Whilst I’m on this – extremely brief – blogging hiatus, though, here’s a quick roundup of other worthwhile anarchist and left-libertarian reads.
The Cactus Mouth Informer tells us why ending povery isn’t like changing the fuse in a plug.
The Liverpool Solidarity Federation congratulates German anarcho-syndicalists FAU-B on their court victory. Brighton SolFed have an emergency budget special edition of their newsletter out. 

Their local No Borders comrades offers some comment on recent forcible deportations both here and here. They also ask “Just Who Is Responsible For UK’s Worsening Treatment Of Migrants?
Adam Form has excellent reviews of both The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and Simon Pirani’s The Russian Revolution in Retreat, 1920-24. The latter offering historical context on the Russian revolution which ties in nicely with my Property is Theft post on Communism and the State.

Seán from The Soul of Man Under Capitalism lifts The Veils of Illusion from Tory cuts and dissects the budget. Julia at 10 Minutes Hate has a similar assesment of the budget as well as a warning to children not to bully the weird kids
Slackbastard @ndy has coverage of Kiwis arrested in Toronto, as well as the continuing misadventures of Australia’s fascists here, here and here.

To round everything off, whilst contemplating the ConDem government’s policy of “dis a disabled,” Bendy Girl is suffering Oxycontin withdrawal.
There are more than a few good reads in there, which should tide things over until I return to Liverpool. If you still end up lacking anything to fill that time, I’d suggest that you’re not really using the internet properly.


Intensive surveillance of ‘violent radicalisation’ extended to embrace suspected “radicals” from across the political spectrum.
Tony Bunyan
June 30, 2010

Chronicle of a Riot Foretold
George Ciccariello-Maher
June 29, 2010

“As the trial of former transit cop Johannes Mehserle for the murder of Oscar Grant rushes at breakneck speed toward its conclusion, spurred by the insistence of Judge Robert Perry and political imperative, ominous clouds of injustice begin to crowd the political horizon in anticipation of a verdict, which could come as soon as this week. But while it is this injustice that we should most fear, too many are focusing their fear and the fear of others on the possibility of a repeat of last year’s street rebellions should Mehserle be acquitted or convicted of a lesser charge…”

The first war on terror
Laura Miller
June 20, 2010

Miller reviews “A new history of bomb-throwing anarchists and conniving intelligence agents in the 1800s”; it is “chillingly familiar”. Three months earlier, so did Stuart Christie (The World That Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists and Secret Agents, The Guardian, March 27, 2010). I think The Slow Burning Fuse: The lost history of the British Anarchists by John Quail is neat, while the Kate Sharpley Library continues to find bodies buried beneath the mounds of bourgeois history. The International Campaign Against Anarchist Terrorism, 1880-1930s (Richard Bach Jensen) provides some historical context for the antics of the anarcholocos

Bonus Lovin’

Secession Week 2010!

Secession Week 2010 is well underway! Head over to The Thousand Nations blog to read, repost, and contribute.  Brad Taylor, esteemed anonymous author of Brad Taylor’s blog, is also contributing.  I am still trying to figure out what to write for Secession Week 2009, so I don’t have much to say here, except that lately I have contemplated seceding from humanity.  (If anarchists don’t support species secessionism, who will?)

Also, though they ought not be mentioned in the same breath, a certain floating festival is still meeting on July 22-25, 2010 in the Sacramento River Delta.  Live free and don’t drown!

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Molly’sBlog 2010-06-30 21:55:00

As part of part of the countrywide mobilization to protest the police riot in Toronto and support those arrested there will be a support demonstration tomorrow here in Winnipeg. Here's the notice.
Demonstration in solidarity with G20 political prisoners and arrestees
Date: Thursday, July 1, 2010
Time: 11:30am - 2:00pm
Location: Meet at the park behind the River-Osborne Community Centre
Winnipeg, MB

In the face of police violence, attacks against protesters and the unprecedented arrests of the G20 resistance, we are calling out to all social movements to mobilize and act in solidarity with the victims of the repressive systems, who have fallen in the hands of militarized police.

More than 900 have been arrested over the course of the weekend in Toronto, either by kidnapping, political profiling, raids in private residences and places of accommodation, violence, brutality, intimidation, as well as other forms of police violence. To date, this is the largest number of mass arrests in the history of Canada, criminalizing protesters who have dared to express their disagreements towards the capitalist, security enforced, sexist, colonialist and anti-social politics of the G20.

We must publicly demonstrate our solidarity with all those arrested so that they are released as quickly as possible and charges are dropped against all those caught up in the net of the police state. We also demonstrate to recognize and denounce the excessive force used by police daily in many people's lives in our community and others.


FemRev, Copwatch, the Anarchist Black Cross, the Winnipeg New Socialist Group, Canadian Federation of Students and local community activists are calling on you to show your solidarity with those who have been imprisoned, are still imprisoned and who have endured violence and human rights violations.

Meet at the park behind the River Osborne Community Centre at 11:30 AM on Thursday July 1st.

Bring your bicycles, your experiences and your friends and comrades as we carve out space in the public sphere to share our voices and denounce police repression and brutality.

The Genital Correctness Medical Mutilation Brigade

What is the right size for a clitoris? Pharyngula (2010-06-30):

I don't know. They seem to come in a range of sizes; when they're as large as a small male penis, I suppose it might be unexpected, perhaps a little confusing, perhaps a little ambiguous to people intolerant of the idea that the human form is found in intermediate shapes....

Dr. Dix Poppas has attracted special notoriety for his sexually abusive experiments on the girls that he sexually mutilates. Of course, the more basic issue here is the non-consensual surgical sexual mutilation forced on girls by doctors and anxious parents, in the name of patriarchal Genital Correctness exercised at the point of a scalpel. Which is alarmingly common, and a far wider problem than the special case of Dr. Dix Poppas. There's every reason to say something about the special awfulness of this child rapist in scrubs; but the notion that mutilating girls' clitorises for seeming "too big" (for what purpose?) to adult observers could ever possibly be ethical medicine -- rather than what it is, pointless medical torture in the service of carving patriarchy into a girl's skin and flesh.

From the "What in the Fuck is Going On Here?" category: Diary of an Unborn Child, MP3 file

Here. From April Winchell's excellent archive of strange, offbeat, bad, and obscure music. What can I say about this one, without giving the thing away? It's produced by a Christian group and is an unborn fetus narrating its life story, in the most ridiculous voice possible. The whole thing is a train wreck of mind blowing uncomfortableness and hilarity that demonstrates just what is possible if

laurix: Abhinanda – Easy digestion


Abhinanda - Easy digestion


Re: Book Review: Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution in Ethics, Politics, Spirit and Sound

Book Review: Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution in Ethics, Politics, Spirit and Sound. catholicanarchy.org™ (2010-06-30):

Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution in Ethics, Politics, Spirit and Sound by Brian Peterson Revelation Records Publishing / $18.00 US (list) [Amazon] [Revelation Records] The terms “punk rock” and “hardcore punk” bring to mind a variety of images and stereotypes for “insiders” and “outsiders” alike. Cliches abound when the...

Q. How many hardcore kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A. 15. One to screw in the bulb, and 14 to sit around the living room complaining about how much better the old bulb used to be. (Also, the book review is really interesting.)

lo que faltaba, n**mbr* convertido en meme. mas y mas rapido!

lo que faltaba, n**mbr* convertido en meme.

mas y mas rapido!

flowerxcityxwanker: “the beauty of resistance” today, i’m…


“the beauty of resistance”

today, i’m posting some simple collages that i did a few years ago.